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"Thanks a lot Jaen!!! Meeting you in Flores was really nice and it was the best massage I ever had! Really relaxing ! And thank you also for your kindness." Manon

"My podal reflexology treatment was very relaxing, revitalizing and afterwards my valgus feet felt so light, stretched and pretty;) Even my bunions looked smaller and not so inflamed! Highly recommend for people with foot problems and issues! Jaen was awesome - very professional, friendly, gentle and kind! Her energy feels like deep quiet ocean - very quiet but so strong!" - Natalya

" I was surprised to find out that there exists a massage in Flores! I had troubled back and still a month of travel work in Azores/Madeira ahead. I must have visited Jaen twice in two days, cause I felt such a relieve after the first therapy. Her hands are magical and she is a very kind person. I look forward seeing her again next year, hopefully then just to higher up the relax time on the island. Highly recommended! " -  Petra Bujokova

"A Jaen é alguém em quem confio profundamente porque trabalha com as mãos mas usa o coração e a alma no seu trabalho.

O biomagnetismo para mim serviu para me focar e equilibrar. Estava numa fase de profunda dispersão, afundada em excesso de atividades e nalguns dias com grandes dificuldades de focagem no essencial. Depois do ciclo de tratamentos tomei decisões importantes para a minha vida que sinto que foram motivadas por isso. " - Gabriela Silva

"I am 56 years old and I have problems with my back since my youth. This is caused, among other things, by a spinal curvature. When I am exposed to psychological stress by external stress, my whole body is tense and it is a single pain. In this situation I met Jaen for a first massage.

I needed to support many massages in my life, carried out by many different specialists. Jaen is massaging with an intimate quality of intuitive TOUCH which I had not yet been able to experience before in my life ! Her hands are able to perceive the finest impulses and give "healing powers". This was not just a normal massage that was real encounter and a touch from the heart. Jaen manages to free me from my tension in minutes. A massage from Jaen is like a holiday for body and soul. It is also remarkable that these positive effects persist far above the day of the massage.

A charming personality with magic hands. Many many thanks !" -         Joachim Holl

"I recently had several biomagnetism sessions with Jaen and instantly noticed a change in the way my body felt; especially in specific areas that needed healing-my wrists. I had never heard of this method before, but was open to trying it, and after the second session, I noticed a difference and was eager to continue. By the final session, I noticed my wrists were healing rapidly and I could do things I was unable to do a few weeks before! During the sessions Jaen was always gentle, kind and welcomed me with a smile. I am very grateful for her knowledge and ability to heal; I still have a long way to go, but this was an amazing start, muchísimas gracias Jaen! " - Maryam Abdul-Qawiyy

"The curative energy of Jaen's healing hands that I experienced through her intuitive massage and biomagnetic therapy was amazing. These therapy sessions were conducted as part of my recovery from an accident, which resulted in much pain to my lower back. Any pain or tightness of muscle in the area of injury vanished after these sessions. I believe that the healing involved more than the techniques she used. Her aura, her spirit, her warm presence are themselves also very relaxing and healing." -  Jerry A. Enriquez

"Jaen is a most wonderful reflexologist who helped our family through a difficult medical and emotional time . She has all the characteristics one would look for in a healer. Not only does she offer very professional work based on excellent knowledge of reflexology, she also offers loving energy from her heart through a deep, intuitive connection to the person she is working with. The world is very fortunate to have such a caring and well-trained reflexology healer. " - Jane Mackler

"Saying I miss you is not enough to tell how great are the moments under your simphony. Hope to be soon again with you, ciao!" - Stéfano

"I did reflexology and biomagnetism therapies with Jaen. I went thinking its like any other massage but soon realized that this therapy made me feel calm, relaxed and so much at peace that I felt a load off me. I suffer from allergies and must say they helped me get rid of them as the reflexology combined with the Bio-magnetism help my pH balance and triggered certain pressure points on my feet which helped solve my problem. I come out feeling a new person and feel grateful to Jaen for helping me. I would certainly recommend all my family and friends to try her therapies." -  Milan Hotchandani

"I have done podal reflexology with Jaen and that was great. However when I had the intuitive massage therapy, it was beyond expectations. Jaen is an incredibly gifted human being. She has some sort of spiritual quality, which flows thru' her hands, it feels like healing hands for both body & soul. She is definately a God sent gift to this earth." - Christina Gibson

"I recently went to Jaen for treatment for a difficult ankle injury. I found her to be a warm and supportive therapist who used a combination of podal reflexology, biomagnetism and massage to support healing of the specific injury and the related effects on other parts of my body. The treatment itself was very relaxing and a pleasure it itself. I felt well cared for and supported through the process of healing." - Debra Lewis

"I did my podal reflexology therapy with Jaen at Om Shanti Center in Belize, Central America... words cannot described how Jaen's therapy have helped my feet. I did three therapies with her and my feet are much better. She was so professional and explained the entire process to me and checked on me to see how I was doing. Jaen... my feet are waiting for you. I highly recommend Jaen's therapy." - Jenny Woods

"My intuitive massage with Jaen was very relaxing & at the same time invigorating! I felt so at home & welcomed. Jaen became quickly in-tuned to the body & concentrated well on where I had tension & knots. I left feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

I highly recommend getting an Intuitive massage with Jaen on a monthly basis!!!!" - Kristen Q.

"The intuitive massage by Jaen was by far the best massage I've ever had! She has a great talent of knowing exactly where your body needs special attention, and she does it so with her skilled technique. I highly recommend Jaen for an amazing massage!" - Whitney Arguelles

"Jaen is truly a gifted person and executes her massages with much care and dedication. I have received from other persons podal reflexology therapies and I must say they were all painful and uncomfortable. I was much amazed that the podal reflexology therapy that Jaen does is  not only totally painless but also very relaxing and enjoyable. It is very difficult for me to relax during any kind of massage but with Jaen it was quite easy to do so. She begins with an interview to understand whatever issues you may be experiencing and then she works on those areas during the therapy. Her movements are suave yet precise and powerful. Her session is definitely worth every penny." - Nigeli Sosa

"Since I have started with reflexology I have noticed a great change within me, I have been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, a type of cancer in the lymph nodes, I had been feeling mostly fatigue, pain and discomfort, so far I have felt such a difference, I feel energetic and can go about with normalcy. Jaen is so caring and Intune with me, I cant help but falling asleep, she takes her time and really concentrates on me as if its only me and her in the world. I feel de-stressed and revitalized after each session.  I'm definitely recommending this therapy to anyone, its great for just relaxing or also to ease an ailment and help the body promote self healing. " - Karina Garcia

"I went to Jaen's relexology and biomagnetic therapies with an open mind, not knowing what to expect . The calm and gentle way in which Jaen explained the therapies to me, immediately gave me the confidence I needed... Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised by the quick diagnosis and relief of symptoms, from both Podal Reflexology and Biomagnetism. Based on Jaen's Reflexology treatment, I was able to discuss with my Doctor,  the health issue that was of concern to her. He ran tests to further investigate this, and I am happy to say the results of the tests were the same as Jaen's diagnosis and I was able to reverse this condition quickly. Eventhough the first treatment of  biomagnetism caused  slight discomfort in my muscles, in the second treatment I had no discomfort. Her ability to pinpoint exactly the area that needed attention, and the application of magnets to relieve my symptoms was nothing short of  amazing. I have since recommended this treatment to several of my friends who had nothing but positive results from them. I look forward to continuing these treatments. I highly recommend them to anyone searching for a holistic approach to their health issues.  Positive results are rapid and you surely wont have to be concerned about any side effects." - Martha Williams

"The Biomagnetic treatment was awesome. One would believe that you are an amazing healer." - Rose Musa

"My name is Angela Suarez, I´m 41 years old and I had some trouble with my knees and my eyes, pain in the knees. I went to the studio where Miss Jaen Dev Hari was doing her treatments. The experience was amazing, I had no words to explain how relaxing, and how much wellness she gave to me. The refelexotherapy worked really fast: in two sessions my pain was minor and after four I had no more pain, that happened three months ago and nowadays I have no more pain in my knees!!!!, I highly recommend her. She is more than an excellent profesional, she is wonderful and better person. GRACIAS JAEN!!!!" - Angela Suarez

"I did the magnetism/reflexology session and was amazed at the sensations and subsequent relaxation and relief from the numbing  sensations I was having in my palms and fingers. By the second session, there was no numbing whatsoever during the session. In the following 2-3 days after the sessions your body feels different like it's changing.  I also tried the intuitive  massage and must say that I am very accustomed to a full body sport massage where the muscles are the emphasis, this massage also targeted trigger points in the body, very, very relaxing." - Perry Gibson

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