Reflexology, Biomagnetism, Reconnective & Intuitive


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Podal reflexology

Reflexology has many beneficial effects, one of the main ones is stress reduction, stress being one of the main (80 %) cause of health problems! It alleviates pain, tensions, tiredness, brings tonus and vitality, balances the nerve system, improves concentration, renews energy ressources.Many nerve endings (2300 to 7000) are found in our feet. Podal reflexology allows a quick health recovery: it increases the flow of blood, lymph and energy, it helps eliminate body wastes, it relaxes muscle structure, it leads to a deep relaxation, it equilibrates glands functions. All this triggers self-healing reactions.



Intuitive massage

Intuitive massage involves some therapeutic massage techniques which are applied letting the hands of the therapist be guided by its intuition. Energy work is also applied in parallel to the physical one.


It helps the release of physical and energetical blockage and relaxes the being.


When the being is truly willing to heal and takes responsibility of its dis-ease,

the healing process can truly start.


In the same way that we are able to put ourselves out of ease, we also have the potential to heal ourselves and live in harmony through our being. We can, up to a certain level, achieve this on our own, helped by ancient techniques such as yoga and reflexology, or by more recent ones such as biomagnetism and reconnective therapy. Therapies might activate, help and/or follow this healing process.


Through physical acupressure, energy flow, magnetism, intuition & yoga,

the natural healing process of the being is triggered.


Biomagnetism or biomagnetic pair uses pairs of magnets of opposite charges to depolarise areas in the body that are unbalanced due to pathogens or other factors that interfere with our natural magnetic field and pH levels.


It is capable of detecting, diagnosing, and correcting an abnormal condition even before the manifestation of its symptoms. It is, therefore, a preventive therapy, as well as a healing one.





Reconnective therapy

We all carry the knowledge for perfect well-being within us. We lose our well-being when connections between the energetic body and the physical body are broken.


Reconnective Therapy is a healing art that facilitates this reconnection, it triggers self-healing.

Therapies can be merged as it follows:


- Podal Reflexology + Biomagnetism

- Podal Reflexology + Reconnective therapy

- Podal Reflexology + Biomagnetism + Reconnective therapy

- Biomagnetism + Reconnective therapy

- Intuitive massage + Reconnective therapy