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Cotton swabs

Many things we use in our daily life have the potential to harm the environment, and their use could be avoided in very simple ways. Such is the case of cotton swabs.

In all the beach cleans I've done, I've found tons of plastic sticks coming from cotton swabs.

I remembered then the way my grand parents used to clean their ears. It was so simple, economic and, what we now call "eco-friendly".

I thus decided to share this tip through this video, hope you apply it!

Bottle caps

Avoiding the consumption of plastic bottle is the first thing to do. But if  you happen to have some at home, why not giving a second and different life to some of their parts: the caps!

You'll then have a practical little box to store whatever you want. I use it to put baking soda with a drop of mint essential oil, which I  use in small quantities as tooth paste, mainly while travelling because of its compact size. Also, when I have a small gift, I offer it in that little box! Many other uses can be thought... be creative!

That's it for now!

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