Jaen - Dev Hari Kaur


Conservation & Awareness

We are part of a natural realm, we are closely linked to it, we depend on it, we live through it.

Biology, ecology, conservation are not restricted to sicentists, environmentalists, conservationists. We can live without many of the stuff we live with nowadays, but we cannot live without clean air, clean water, clean earth, healthy plants, healthy animals and balanced communities.

Modern life has disconnected many human beings from the essential roots for our survival, and driven us to ephemeral satisfactions and illusory goals. A new balance is needed, in which we keep some benefits of our modern civilization, while going back to the essential. An alignment between our actions and  the consciousness of our acts is necessary in order to minimize  our impact on the environment.

Finding the middle line between the world of consumption and the world of respect for nature is the key.  There  is not one path,  it is just a question of inner growth, connection and sensitivity, in which each individual can find his own middle line, and all together we can, hopefully, create a New Earth.

The only common elements needed are personal awareness and environmental awareness. One without the other is like an unfinished puzzle... there is an idea of the picture, but  it  is incomplete, not hole.  The brige between these two elements creates a holistic path, walk it!

I've always been in contact with different  areas such as   science, environment, conservation, health and well-being, among others, and I've always felt that none of them on their own make total sense. But the fact is that they are often aproached as different topics: science without conservation, conservation without health, health without respect or understanding of the environment.

I believe that none  of these topics or areas  complete on their own, they need to merge to be holistic - from the greek, "totality" = integration of the parts to approach the subject with a wide view, that includes all the parts.

4 main actions that I consider essential, and encourage you to apply in life:



Environment and conservation are often viewed intellectually (answering questions such as: what is that?, how does it function?, why and how should we protect it?), this approach is important but not sufficient to fully reharmonize humanity with nature, since nature is not just about 'whys' and 'hows', it speaks another language with no words, that contains vital information, which we need to listen to. It contains an intrinsic intelligence that moves everything, us included of course, so we also need to connect with that part of it, through other lenses, such as contemplation and direct contact with it.

Some lovers of nature like to contemplate it,  sense it and write poems about it,  without knowing intellectually much about it. This is a very good way to connect or reconnect with nature, and learn through its wordless language. Although,  adding an intellectual knowledge can help to understand nature in order to readjust our actions and have a more sustainable relationship with it. In addition, the love we might have for it has no sense if we have no love for ourselves, the mirror has to be equal on both sides, if this is not the case, healing might be needed as well.

Many are those who are physically in contact with nature, who love to put their hands in the earth, cultivate it, swim in its waters, play with the waves, climb the mountains, among many other outdoor activities. By doing so, another language might also be  silently spoken, unveiling  nature's power, making us feel closely linked to it. Then, our being remembers its own power, which is not separate from nature's. An even greater dimension can be reached by adding to this an intellectual understanding of the physics, biology, and other concepts behind it. Taking breaks to  silently  contemplate nature is a common outdoor instict, while healing the self will just increase  the love for it  inside-out.


Some  are more interested in their own being, finding alternative ways of healing it and feeling good. This is very important, but if on the other hand,  they trash the planet by the lifestyle or unconscious habits they have, the inward work  has no outward  aligned reflection.  All the pollution, trashing, fear, war, unhealthy power, unrespectful economy,  to mention a few, is   the  reflection of our inner state as individuals, which creates this collective insanity. Helling ourselves (mentally, energetically and physically) is necessary in order to  heal the collective world. Merging this process with the previous points (intellectual learning, contemplation and contact with nature) may accelerate both, the individual healing and its harmonization with nature .



I believe, experience and feel that  by integrating these 4 aspects, it is possible to change our habits regarding our interaction with ourselves, others and nature, and so, be able to create an integral change  that allows us to truly and naturally    project our harmonized inner world into the outer one, our environment, and be open to also naturally take in and learn from it.

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