Jaen: name given by her parents

Dev Hari Kaur: spiritual name given by Yogi Bhajan



Born in Mexico in 1982 from a French mother and Mexican father, Jaen hasn’t stop travelling since, working and living in both America and Europe. She speaks spanish, french, english, portuguese and italian.


She holds a Master’s Degree in Marine Biology and Ecology and now uses her knowledge in Conservation and Environmental Education, mainly focusing on marine species and ecosystems, as well as on invasive species and trash problematics. She worked seasonally with Ecology Project International since 2014 as a field Instructor and has worked with other organisations and institutions such Global Vision International, Amigos de Sian Ka'an AC, Department of Oceanography and Fisheries of the Azores, among others. She is also a Dive Master and loves to identify, learn and teach about marine species, interconnections and environmental awareness.


Jaen has been surrounded by Kundalini Yoga since an early age and started practicing it regularly since 2009 after having suffered from serious chronic back problems. Kundalini Yoga daily practice took her out of this suffering. Her interest and dedication to ancient and alternative healing techniques has been growing since then. She is now, since 2012 a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and a Therapist in Biomagnetism, Podal Reflexology and Massage. Jaen now lives in Flores Island, Azores, since 2017 where she offers massages and therapies and is aiming to embody a more sustainable and simple life.


Jaen has an artistic and creative soul, expressed throguh her personal and professional life, and through arts such as drawing, painting, joulery, different types of crafts and lately, through songs. She believes that it is also possible to create a new Earth with more conscious and healthy humans, in true harmony with their natural surroundings. Jaen believes that it is by healing energetically, mentally and physically ourselves, and being in contact with nature, that we can reconnect with the great wisdom of the universe and thus be logical in our interaction with mother earth on which we depend, including all life contained in it.





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